When setting my plans for 2023, I got quite ambitious. This is purposely to try and drive myself to the max. The goals that I have set are definitely goals for me to achieve, but maybe the timeliness for it are too ambitious. However, if I keep pushing myself to further develop as an artist and try to expand my reach as much as possible along the way, the timeliness will become shorter and achievable.

With regards to my goals, here is a small update:

  1. I just finished my first collaboration with another producer: DJ LaMore. He is just like me quite new in the field, but I must say that we track that we created is pretty epic. We are really proud of the result and get goosebumps when we play it. Since DJ LaMore is more a melodic techno producer, the track is a bit out of my comfort zone, but definitely helped me to further develop my skills. Stay tuned and follow my socials for the release on October 23 of 2023!
  2. No big update to mention here. On my Soundcloud I post my remixes and other Work In Progress songs before they are released to the streaming platforms. I have one remix there, but so far no luck of acceptance by Ronde.
  3. I am not sure about my current amount of streams for the year, but I am sure that it is way higher already than the streams for 2022. Let’s hope one of my upcoming songs goes viral and I will achieve the 1 Million!
  4. So far no success on this one. I have sent some songs to Armada, but they are not (yet?!) interested in releasing one..

Thank you for your streaming my music and following me on my channels and in the mean time supporting me in achieving my goals!

Love, Ydil